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Dr. Barcomb Shares why Gonstead Protocols are the Gold Standard of Chiropractic Care

Hi. I'm Dr. Craig Barcomb, and I've been at Westcoast Spine Center for over 30 years here in Sarasota, Florida. We focus on non-surgical orthopedics by utilizing Gonstead Chiropractic and a licensed physical therapy facility. I certainly do consider the Gonstead protocols as being the gold standard, the methodology of choice, if you may, with diagnosing and treating, particularly a spinal issue, but diagnosis in general.

Dr. Craig Barcomb evaluates a patient progress.

The main difference between Gonstead and other chiropractic techniques is the fact that you're gonna be evaluated with x-ray, you're gonna be evaluated with motion palpation, and you're gonna have the temperature of the skin on top of the spine evaluated. This directs us towards the inflammation. That's an important part of the evaluation. Then, the most unique differences, I think, in Gonstead versus other chiropractic protocols or methods, are the manipulative procedures themselves. They’re specifically directed on the injured area. One of the little sayings that you hear a lot is, “Find it, fix it and leave it alone.”

So if you or someone you know has got a problem. You've had an accident or disabilities that are hampering your lifestyle, and you're not able to function or do your normal activities of the day, my recommendation is you go to a telephone and you dial 941-362-2000 and make an appointment, and we can help you out.

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