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Dr. Craig Barcomb uses Thermal Scan Diagnostic Tool for Accurate Diagnosis

To help ensure accurate diagnosis, Dr. Craig Barcomb at Westcoast Spine Center leverages technology in the form of a digital Thermal Scan to help his patients clearly understand the level of inflammation and swelling in different areas of the spine. Patients can then see these images projected on a large screen, along with X-rays so both Doctor and Patient can review the correlation between the spine and symptoms in other areas of the body, including internal organs. Dr. Barcomb makes it clear that spinal issues aren't always the direct cause of certain issues, but certainly can contribute to symptoms, and this technology can really help in the the diagnosis, and with treatments.

Dr. Barcomb and Patient, Mark Messenger review Thermal Diagnostic Images.

Patient Mark Messenger shares his thoughts. "It's simple to understand, and it's nice for me to get to see what I need to work on, and focus on, as I build a treatment plan with Dr. Barcomb. It's highly accurate with where I came in today with my discomfort. I think my sense of confidence comes from Dr. Barcomb's extensive background, and who he is as a professional. This just is a tool that I think he's using to help ensure that he gets it more accurate, and helps me identify and understand what's going on with my body."

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