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Surgeons said Pain Meds were last Resort. Proven Wrong by Gonstead Chiropractor, Sarasota, Florida

We'd like to thank one of our long-time patients, Chip Andrews for sharing his story of treatment and recovery with us at Westcoast Spine Center.

Image of Chip Andrews. Patient at Westcoast Spine Center.
Chip Andrews during a recent visit to Westcoast Spine Center in Sarasota, Florida.

Florida Several years ago, while leading a very active life, playing Golf, Croquet, and walking the beaches here in Sarasota, I found over a six week period of time, that my legs stopped functioning properly. I was falling, losing my balance easily, would fall over when I'd swing a golf club. And I went to a noted highly recommended neurosurgeon, had an MRI, and he told me that there was nothing that he could fix, and that I should go see a pain doctor.

Well, I didn't like that idea. I thought that the pain doctor was hospice for the back, and while complaining to some of the fellows I used to play golf with, They were all recommended Dr. Barcomb. I made an appointment, I was a mess. I couldn't, I'd lost my balance. My legs were getting weaker. It took probably eight weeks of intensive, twice a week treatments. And then the physical therapy began, and gradually I stopped getting weaker. We stopped the deterioration, and I started to walk more normally, and was pain free.

After about six or seven months of working with Dr. Barcomb, my wife arranged for me to travel to Baltimore, to Johns Hopkins hospital, to have a team review my condition, to see if there was anything, the doctors there could find that they could fix. And I went through extensive tests, which ruled out a lot of diseases. I can't pronounce, but they would have killed me by now. But the consensus of their department of neurosurgery was there was nothing that could be fixed through surgery or traditional medicine.

Image of Dr. Craig Barcomb with with patient at Westcoast Spine Center. Sarasota, Florida.
Dr. Craig Barcomb utilizes Gonstead Chiropractic adjustments for Chip Andrews.

So I came back to Sarasota and I've continued to work with Dr. Barcomb and his chiropractic techniques. It's been several years and I still come for adjustments about once a month, but it's minor compared to what it was when we started. I've recommended Dr. Barcomb and Westcoast Spine Center to several friends, who've had back issues or leg issues, and who've never been to chiropractors and several of them have come and they continue to come. Dr. Barcomb has a great bedside manner. While what he's doing is serious and he's certainly very serious about his work, he's always got a joke. He's always got something to talk about. We're both from New England, So we probably share that outlook on the world, that sense of humor, but he's become a friend and I always look forward to seeing him. You should definitely check out Westcoast Spine Center. They've done a great job for me.

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